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Last Days

These days it doesn’t take a lot of effort for doom-sayers to feel accomplished in his/her craft. Much of the world forces our cognitive dissonance.

Why is the US border still closed to the unvaccinated? When the vaccine does not prevent transmission? Even if your inoculation was more than six months old you are accepted at government jobs. But if you are unvaccinated you are not. Is this about public health or is it about listening to the Big Brother?

The fact that bank employees can spy on their clients on Facebook on company time; Prime minister can lie on inquiries while the video evidence is playing in the background; People burn to death because fire escape is welded shut by the government; People dig holes through the wall to get food and water. etc. etc. So much of our society stopped making sense in 2022.

The ONLY way to make sense of it all is to call the world Bat Shit Crazy! and dismiss it all together. Or is it?

Nowadays, I have come to accept that the world never really made sense. Even at our “golden” ages the apparatus was set up and maintained by a handful of people who believed they knew best for all. The fact is they did not know best. Majority of the population was and is enslaved to provide for the few. The difference between a stable and unstable society is whether the slaves are controllable or not.

Democracy, Liberty, Equality, Freedom, Brotherhood. These are cries of ideals that came out of the dark days. These ideals are corruptible just as human-beings are corruptible. Soon the elites are on top again holding the same reigns and shouting different commands.

Nowadays, I believe the ONLY way to live a meaningful life is to re-examine everything we’ve been taught. We need to use our brains and our eyes, but more importantly we need to use our hearts and our souls. Reconnect with the divine, tap into the universal intelligence, be one with nature. Only then can we comprehend the truth. Empowered by that truth we can start to rebuild the world from the ground up.

There is a Chinese saying: “Bring perfection to self, bring harmony to family, bring prosperity to state, bring peace to the world.” It is a strategy to start small, start from yourself, start locally. Eventually this positive light can spill out and affect our community and our world in a beautiful way.

These days, much of what surrounds us does not make sense. Instead of trying to figure it out we can start building something that makes sense to us. We can keep going and see who else is willing to join up.

On the very last day of 2022 I look toward 2023 full of hope and trepidation. It is going to be a beautiful struggle. It is most worthwhile. It is what life is all about. See you on the flip side my friends.


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