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To AI or not to AI?

We humans have been working on our retirement plan since the beginning of our existence. First, it was tools so we can go rest faster. Then it was the fire so we can chew less and go rest earlier. Next it was using steam, electricity, fossil fuel to replace draft animals so we can go rest without smelling like dung. We work very very hard just so we can do nothing at all at the end of our days.

Well my friends, I have great news. The end of our working days has come. AI is here to do everything 100X faster and without error. There is nothing AI cannot do, giving it enough time to learn on the job. The real question is what will YOU DO?

Human kind is like a recent, emotional divorcee. We have escaped the tyrannical marriage to endless labour but we have no retirement plan.

Recently, I was reviewing portfolios of potential apprentices to the art department. More than a few of them used AI to enhance their projects. Some portions were wholly generated by AI apps. There is currently a Writer’s Strike in the USA. Many producers are asking the question why do we need writers if ChatGDT can write whatever we want in 30 seconds? I am a sculptor. One day my friend asked me why didn’t I just purchase digital models and print them in a 3D printer?

My displeasure with AI is that it makes the human experience less meaningful. Looking at a beautiful landscape painting from the old masters connect the audience to the human experience of the painter. It transcends through time and space. Looking at AI generated images of the most beautiful women from around the world just feels like, well masturbation, instead of genuine relationships. I cannot connect with the artist or the machine that authored the art piece. I see what they think I want to see. It is an endless loop lacking originality. It is like swallowing collective regurgitation. The taste is still bad.

Since we came to this world to connect with other beings, AI is not helping. On the other hand AI has made revolutionary advances in medical science, in space exploration, in transportation, in economics, in actuarial science, etc. The wheel of efficiency pushes AI forward despite of our fears.

If we are all just working for the weekend then what do we do when the weekend is finally here? What do we do with all this free time? What is important? What is fluff? What sparks joy? What brings dread? Or should we just let AI plan our schedules and call it a day?


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  1. So true! I’m hoping, that one thing AI can’t replace is a good massage. Haha! Do you 💬 nk thats true? I’m not out of work yet.


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