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The Big Download

The answer we seek is in the skies.

I believe in the Universal Intelligence, a spirit in the sky that created everything and is the connecting force between everything in existence. Call it what you will but I call it UI. If we shut up long enough UI will talk to us. I call these Downloads. Years ago I had a dream that told me I need to be on the side of a big mountain overlooking a city. In 2020, without consciously trying, we moved to B.C. Canada. We live on the side of a mountain, overlooking a city. I’ve been waiting for the downloads ever since.

The big idea, transmission from the Universal Intelligence.

“Human beings are a transient, conduit species. We are the bridging device between organic creatures and in-organic machines. We are going to be extinct and will be replaced first by bionic machines, then by pure machines. Pure machines will operate for millions of years after our home planet becomes uninhabitable for organic beings. Their civilization will re-discover human civilization through fossil records and radioactive archaeological sites. To study us, they will attempt to revive one of us in their labs. This will end up in failure because an individual is never representative of the whole. Machines will have a Plan B: launching billions of space travelling pods containing frozen elementary single cell organisms in search of habitable environments across the galaxy and beyond. This plan will work. Once the pods descend on “Planet n+1″ the pure machines can fast track the billion year evolution to human beings process through a space-time distortion field. Originally they vow never to interfere. For reasons unclear the vow is breached eventually. They interfere with the human civilization with their tried and true method of space travelling micro-pods delivering lower life forms. Their missions loosely translates into English as ‘Cell-based Organisms Virally Introduced Disruptions’ They put a number after each mission. For example, the nineteenth one is abbreviated as C.O.V.I.D.-19”

(End of transmission)

Download receiver: Zheng(Zen) Wang, 2021 AD, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy.

Broadcasted to his fellow sentient beings on April 2nd, 2021 AD.

Dear readers, you may ask: “So what? How does this help me put food on the table?” Well, it doesn’t. It is not my job to put food on your table. That is your job. My job is to receive the messages and broadcast them to sentient beings that could understand the message. My job is not to interpret the message. That would make me a prophet. And God knows, we had more than a few of those in our past.

You may say: “Then this message is useless.” I would argue that is far from it. It is an extremely important message. It answers all your fundamental questions about life and your existence. The How? The Why? The Who? The What? The Where? Once this message is accepted as being true there is no questions left unanswered. All other points are just footnotes and appendix to the main narrative.

You may say: “Why won’t you tell me what this means?” I cannot tell you what this means because I do not want to control you. No one except you can interpret this message. Meaning is highly individual. Each sentient being has a unique role to play in the grand scheme of things. One planet cannot tell another planet how to run the course around the sun. Our lives do not overlap entirely so we are not authorized to give each other advice on courses in life. You have to digest it in your own time and space and make it part of you. You may throw the message away and that is not unexpected. You may be revisited by the message years later and that would be absolutely acceptable. The key thing to remember is never let someone else tell you what this message means. Only trust your own spirit. He who controls your story controls you. Do not let ANYONE control you.


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  1. Oh great Download Receiver, thank you for sharing this message from the great Universal Intelligence on Apr 2 2021. Just one more version of the truth is do enlightening. I am still waiting to link up with the great UI.

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  2. Oh great Download Receiver, thank you for sharing this message from the great Universal Intelligence on Apr 2 2021. Just one more version of the truth is enlightening. I am still waiting to link up with the great UI.

    Liked by 1 person

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